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Artista plástica.
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Zürich (Suiza)

Magali Schwartzkopff née Cora was born in San Juan de Puerto Rico. She started painting 20 years ago and began her examination of the relationship between structure and organic forms, 6 years ago. A self taught artist, Magali painted her first work in 1991; already embracing bold forms in mix media, which she uses to date. In this way she uncovered the creative outlet which was essential healthy connection to her spiritual been.

Magali’s work has roots in her childhood in Puerto Rico, where she was rewarded for her creative use of unconventional materials found in nature and in her surroundings to complete school projects. Music and dance has been also a heavy influence and part of her artistic inspirations.

A Self-taught artist her work is mainly abstract and her multimedia compositions explore the boundary of both organic and inorganic worlds, She uses gold leaf, granite, Muscovite, ceramic, bark, dry pigment and resins, and broken glass just to name a few. Most of her paintings are made on thick canvas and are framed with color and/or texture as an alternative to traditional framing.